Teeny tiny vegan teddy bear cookies will make your holidays adorable and super sweet

From talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to Aussie pop sensation Sia Furler, it seems more and more celebs are turning to a vegan diet, eschewing the primal pleasures of steak or ribs for all things plant-based, animal- and eco-friendly.

Over in YouTube land, channels with healthy veggie-based recipes and vibrantly hued ‘What I Ate in a Day’ vlogs are proving themselves incredibly popular with viewers, raking in thousands of views.

Something a little bit different is Peaceful Cuisine, by Japanese-based Ryoya Takashima.

True to its name, the channel is a collection of soothing videos with laidback music and a cute yet quaint aesthetic . Check out his adorable Gingerbread cookie bear recipe below, just in time for Christmas. And follow Peaceful Cuisine on Facebook and Instagram for more delicious recipes.