Hooray! That idiot who raised the price of AIDS drugs by 5,000% is arrested by FBI… for fraud

Martin Shkreli was dubbed the ‘world’s most hated man’ back in September when he raised the prices of a life-saving drug used to treat AIDS from $13.50 a pill to an exorbitant $750. He did this through his company Turning Pharmaceuticals, which obtained licenses on out-of-patent medicines.

Well, the world has just been given its own little early Christmas gift because 32-year-old Shkreli has just been arrested by the FBI on charges of securities fraud.

It’s alleged that Shkreli illegally used stocks from his former biotechnology firm Retrophin Inc. to pay off debts his hedge fund had accummulated over the years.

See? good does win over evil, people. Let’s hope this tosser learns a valuable lesson and gets his just deserts.

Oh, and to remind you of just how vile this guy is, check him out on CNBC below.

Via The Lad Bible