Aussie band ‘The People and Us’ speak to us about their self-animated track, ‘Wolf’

Guys! We’ve found a new Aussie band that you’re going to love. One listen and we’re already hooked! Meet Callum Foot and Lucas Fowler, the talented duo behind The People and Us.

Their latest track ‘Wolf’ is as catchy as it gets, and with a brilliant video to go with it that was animated and mixed by Callum. We needed to know more about these guys and their music background, so we threw them a few questions.

Tell us more about The People and Us. When did you start playing and how would you describe your music?

LUCAS: ‘We started playing together when we entered a high school band competition together, from there we thought busking would be a really great way to make money and play music. It didn’t so much become a strong source of income, but it was great practice. I’ve been writing songs since primary school, so when I started to write new songs, Callum thought ‘awesome, we need to record these’.

‘As we wrote more, Callum began to feel for songwriting and now the process can either be that one of us brings a song to each other and we build on it, or it can just be from plain jamming. 
I would describe our music as a spectrum. We are still finding our sound, and as a result, our songs can vary from garage-rock sounding, to folk, alternative rock and beyond. We don’t want to limit ourselves either, so if one of us says that I want to write a Swedish-sounding, church death metal opera piece, we’ll give each other our full support’.

CAL: ‘We both love different genres and have different ideas, so we don’t try to limit ourselves to a certain sound. It makes things exciting and we’re always learning as we go’.

We’re super impressed with ‘Wolf’. Tell us more about the meaning of the song.

LUCAS: ‘When I started writing it in August, the very first draft I wrote was very similar to the final product. When I thought of the metaphor of a guy hitting the town as a metaphor for a wolf hunting for its prey, once I took on that persona, the lyrics kind of flowed out of me. And from that persona, there are some fun metaphors and inferences that most people don’t pick up on when hearing it, but once they read the lyrics, they feel the immediate need to shower. But I think particularly males, after a couple of bevvies, will definitely feel a relation to this song – because it comes from the boosted confidence, and that they’re the center of their universe, they can feel the town’s lights pulsing because it’s pulsing for them’.

CAL: ‘The truth is that Lucas is a dirty boy who hunts bitches at night and does naughty things to them. He needed to let the world know about the struggles of living as a chronic party-animal so he wrote WOLF, his heart-wrenching confession’.

The entire video was animated by Callum — can you walk us through the creative process for this?

CAL: ‘The video was produced for one of my animation assignments at Newcastle uni, and due to time constraints we actually had to arrange a song to fit into two minutes. Lucas only lasts that long anyway (his attention span I mean). Lucas and I brainstormed a lot of ideas branching from the central metaphor, mixing animals and well-known fairytales in a weird cartoon world. Animation is great because it can swing between film-like scenes, to a completely artistic trip out sequence. Nothing really has to make sense.

‘Once storyboarded, a lot of focus went to creating a quirky visual style and vivid colour palette. We tried to give it a humorous edge, but also include hidden meaning and replay value. I was conscious to keep it dirty, not looking too polished – which becomes an advantage when you have to personally hand draw 1460 frames in Photoshop, and mix the song itself’.

LUCAS: ‘I think with some music videos, I love it when they make a video that is completely unrelated to the song. But I feel with Wolf it was always going to be about a wolf, but Callum’s idea of introducing fairy-tale creatures into the real world where both animals and humans alike can party and drink to excess was really funny and different’.

What other tracks can we expect from you next?

LUCAS: ‘We have heaps of songs finished and ready to go, it’s just finding the time to record them. We have some heavier and some softer songs coming, eventually we’ll have enough for an album’.

Are you playing gigs throughout Newcastle? Where can we catch you guys next?

LUCAS: ‘We love to play gigs any chance we can, we usually play covers because that’s what people typically want to hear, but we love throwing in some originals just to get our music out there. We have a gig on Christmas Eve night at Jewells Tavern, but when we get gigs we let people know through our Facebook page‘.

CAL: ‘Until now we have mainly played parties, which is great fun. Hopefully, one day we might get a full band together and do some full-original shows’.

Make sure to follow The People and Us on Facebook and listen to their music on SoundCloud.

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