Pickpocket steals from sleeping man, then saves his life in the Paris metro

In a bizarre turn of events, a Parisian pickpocket has saved the day… of his victim! After robbing a sleeping man in the Paris metro, a short while later that sleeping man begins to sleepwalk onto the train tracks. A passenger sees the sleepwalker but walks on, but as you can see from CCTV footage, the pickpocket who has just stolen from the sleepwalking man runs to his rescue.

Emmanuelle Oster, chief of investigations for Paris transportation said: ‘He knows he’s a thief, and maybe that makes him a bastard. But he isn’t so much of a bastard as to let this guy get electrocuted on the tracks’.

‘There’s a philosophical lesson to be learned here: Inside every thief there’s a human being, and in every innocent bystander there could be a bastard’.

Check out the video below, or, if you’re fluent in French, watch the full explanation of the footage here.

Via RT

About the author

Rachel Oakley is an Aussie writer based in NYC with an obsession for the creepy, cool and quirky side of life. Some of her main passions include philosophy, art, travel, and sarcasm.

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