Pack your bags and kiss the kids, we’re going to outer space!

To infinity and beyond! This catchphrase from the 1995 film Toy Story might’ve been a throwaway line to many, but for some, it conjures up all sorts of wondrous ideas for space tourism. Imagine if booking a flight to the other end of the galaxy was as simple as it is to book a flight from Sydney to LA!

As part of a 3-part Motherboard travel series, VICE host Ben Ferguson takes us to unforgettable places where he explores some of the most incredible tech-enabled experiences the world has to offer.

This compelling series was made possible by KAYAK, the travel tool that helps you find the best offer for the flight or hotel you want. Unlike most other travel sites, KAYAK has a bunch of filters, features and tools to help make planning, booking and managing your trip a breeze.

In this episode, Ben introduces us to the exciting concept of space tourism. He meets with the CEO and President of Space Adventures, Tom Shelley, to investigate the possibilities of space travel for not only wealthy tourists, but regular citizens, too. Ben also speaks to aspiring space tourists who have bought tickets with Space Adventures – costing anywhere from $50million to $150million!.

While Ben doesn’t travel to outer space himself, he does show us his ‘near space’ experience at Space Adventures, in one of their parabolic, zero gravity flights. It’ll make you want to book one of these experiences yourself.

Take a look at Motherboard’s fascinating second episode, Space Tourism here, and be sure to look out for the next episode in the series. Oh, and if this gives you a serious case of wanderlust, you can find the best offers for your next trip on KAYAK. They even have a fun little Easter Egg to discover flights into space using ’90n’ in the ‘From’ field (indicating Spaceport America) and ’50n’ into the ‘To’ field (the number of miles at which the thermosphere starts). Try it for yourself!


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