Featured Image for We interviewed the designer behind these coloured pencil accessories

We interviewed the designer behind these coloured pencil accessories

How cool is Anna Curlejova’s jewellery? This Czech Republic-based artist uses coloured pencils to craft whimsical accessories like bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and sells her gorgeous work in her Etsy store.

We caught up with Anna to ask more about her accessories line and what else she’s up to.

When did you get into jewelry making and design?

‘I started to make jewellery in my childhood. To design jewellery I went to the School of Applied Arts in Jablonec and Nisou, then to the Technical University in Liberec’.

What inspired you to take pencils and turn them into accessories?

‘I started to make jewellery from coloured pencils in 2010, when I was working on Atelier of Glass and Jewellery at the Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic. Topic of my semester work was ‘Hand is the most advanced tool’. In my work I concentrated on an artist can do with their hands. My initial proposals were focused on jewellery from brushes- they were kind of fighting rings, which had tipped bristles and it was possible to paint with them. It was something like ‘action painting’, where the artist can go crazy and he can show creativity. These proposals were unsuccessful.

‘Then I made a concept of rings from metal, in which I inserted a pencil and the designer had this pencil in their hand all the time. The idea was that he can always draw, when he has an idea and he can make a quick sketch. There proposals passed and we developed jewellery from plexiglass- this material, at that time, was booming in popularity. But there were also jewellery which was created only from pencils without any other material.

‘After that semester of work I made new jewellery which was more for everyday wear and that I started to sell on the Slovak creative handmade portal www.sashe.sk. Today, I make jewellery with my boyfriend Vladimír Škrada, we live in Liberec and we have orders from all over the world. Our jewellery is unique in the way we process the pencils and we try to have world leadership especially because we don’t only use classical pencils. We are still looking for new opportunities and we buy pencils from all over the world, too’.

Do you remember the first piece you ever made using pencils?

‘Of course. It was a ring from coloured pencils, which have the shape of graphite as Mozilla Firefox. Crayons were glued on plexiglass. I couldn’t buy this type of pencil anywhere. The ring was funny, because Slovak friends told me that it looks like the Slovakia country and the Czech people see it as Czech Republic’.

Can you tell us about the process of your jewelry making?

‘In the past we were open to people knowing our making processes, but we have very bad experiences and now we protect our manufacturing technology. The whole technological process we invented ourselves and it is my only work the last 5 years. I can tell you, though, that the production process depends on practice and patience’.

How much time does it usually take to finish a single piece?

‘Simple things are made in approximately 3 days, more difficult ones in a week or more. I try to be very detailed and precise. We want to have high quality products and I like when customers are fascinated by them. Then we are satisfied. We like what we create and we are very enthusiastic and grateful for what we do’.

What are you working on right now?

‘Orders, orders, orders…!’

Gotta have your own unique jewellery? Check out Anna’s beautiful work over on Etsy.

Coloured pencil jewellery
Coloured pencil jewellery
Coloured pencil jewellery
Coloured pencil jewellery

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