The heartbreaking moment a father explains the Paris attacks to his son

Explaining the Paris terror attacks to anyone is a difficult feat, but having to explain them to a young child is nothing but heartbreaking. The French news show Le Petit Journal went out onto the streets of Paris this week to talk to people about what happened. They came across a young boy with his father, so they interviewed him.

The interview begins with a simple question about understanding what has occurred in Paris. The little boy seems to understand and says bad things have happened because the people who did those things are ‘really really mean’.

When the little boy explains that he’ll have to move houses because of the attacks, his father corrects him, saying ‘France is our home’. Even when his son interrupts and says there are bad guys around, his father simply says: ‘It’s ok, they might have guns but we have flowers’.

Watch the video for yourself. It’s both moving and heartbreaking.

Via BuzzFeed