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The art community responds beautifully to the senseless attacks in Paris

In the wake of the November 13th attacks that shook Paris and the world, the international art community has come together to respond to this senseless tragedy.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to convey exactly how we’re feeling, so we’re grateful that art can speak louder than we can at times. Everything from the blue, white and red tinted cartoons to Eiffel tower-inspired art had been drawn just hours after the events unfolded.

We’ve dug up some of the most poignant and memorable artworks around social media that not only speak of the anguish in Paris, but of the strength Parisians are showing in the face of tragedy.

#Paris je t’aime

A photo posted by Cassandra (@cassandracalin) on

Ele está no controle de tudo. Nada acontece sem o seu consentimento. Toma conta desse mundo, Deus, en ti confio ? #PrayForParis #Paris #photo #frace #French #pray #Lord #photooftheday #photogrid #night #hope A photo posted by Raissa Sandroni (@raah_tuty7) on

Love from ann arbor, MI to PARIS A photo posted by Liz Davis (@lizandtomo) on

My heart goes out to Paris tonight. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous, Paris. Vive la France. #istandwithfrance A photo posted by Bridget Beth Collins (@flora.forager) on

Please pray for Paris, 100+ plus people dead from the shooting. Please pray, pray changes everything! #prayforparis #paris #france #prayforfrance #penciledcelebrities A photo posted by Official Ray Styles (@penciledcelebrities) on

A quick sketch in memorial of what happens today. #paris A photo posted by Connor – 14 Years Old (@the_lone_artist) on

??Beaucoup de pensées vers Paris aujourd’hui… ? Be strong Paris, don’t be affraid, keep standing, even here in Shanghai and everywhere in the world we think about you ?? (by @baronandre ) #paris #prayforparis #notaffraid #france #terrorism

A photo posted by DOPE GALLERY (@dope.gallery) on

Flowers for Paris tonight… ??❤️? Flowers for all the innocent lives that have been lost today. May they rest in peace. ?? My prayers go out to all those impacted by this horrific event. Stay strong, Paris. #flowersforparis #fleurspourparis #pray #prayforparis #priezpourparis #prayersforparis #restinpeace #prièrespourparis #jesuisparis #paris #france #tragedy #stoptheviolence A photo posted by Sophia Vander Velde (@supers0phia) on

#paz #por #paris #tranquilidad

A photo posted by Ivaan Parra (@parra_ivaan) on

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