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Police dog goes rappelling and instantly regrets it

A few weeks ago, a police dog named Niko underwent rappelling training with his handler. Everything was going smoothly when the pup suddenly had a realisation. He’s afraid of heights!

In the following image taken by the Vancouver Police Department, the young German Shepard is hilariously seen clinging on to his handler’s leg right as they’re rappelling down a wall. Despite having a harness on, the fear on the poor pooch’s face clearly says, ‘get me down from here!’

The image, which was posted on Facebook, has since gone viral – receiving more than 3,368 likes and 2,807 shares.

‘Rappelling is a vital skill for our tactical teams to have, and it tests both handler and dog’, said the department. ‘In the training scenario in the photo, PSD Niko was introduced slowly to the task, and his handler rewarded him with praise and a game of tug-o-war afterwards’.

We sincerely hope Niko gets over her fear soon so she can start inducing fear into the hearts of criminals instead!

PSD Niko, “Hey dad… This rappelling? Yuh, I’m not a fan.”

Posted by Vancouver Police Department on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Via Huffington Post

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