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We spoke to the Instagrammer behind these delicious French pastries (and colour-coordinated shoes!)

Love French desserts? So do we. Love colourful shoes? Yup, we’re also suckers for a nice pair of kicks. So when we happened upon chef patissier and graphic designer Tal Spiegel’s Instagram account full of colour-coordinated French pastries and colourful shoes, we knew we couldn’t look away.

We were excited by his tasty project on Instagram (follow the colourful journey here), so we asked Tal Spiegel a few questions about his life as a chef patissier in Paris, and his favourite patisseries in the city.

You’re a chef patissier based in Paris — how long have you been there and what led up to you moving to France?

I have been in Paris for almost a year now, studying and working in the patisserie world. I always knew I’ll be doing patisserie and the past couple of years I knew I’ll be going to Paris, hoping to learn and work for the best — they don’t call it the dessert capital of the world for nothing… so I left my comfort zone at home and came here to challenge myself starting from the basics.

What’s your favourite dessert and why?

That’s like asking “who’s your favourite child 🙂 I don’t have an absolute favourite one but I can tell you I like acidic desserts (such as a tart citron) and basically anything with fruits; I find fruit to be my favourite combination with desserts.

Do you make all the desserts we see on your Instagram account, or do you source them from different patisseries?

Oh no, I don’t — the ones I take photos of with my shoes are a part of my research as a graphic designer / chef patissier. I take my followers on a journey with me exploring the many colours, shape and textures of the French pastry. I explore the connection between appearance and taste, plus I happen to have a lot of shoes to go with it 🙂 on my Instagram you can also find some stuff that I make too. They’ll be the ones taken with no shoes in the background.

Do you have a favorite patisserie in Paris?

I have a few — I think I try to find something I like in each patisserie I go to, for example: I can tell you flavour wise I think ‘Mori Yoshida‘ and ‘Des Gateaux et du Pain‘ have a real good balance of not too sweet but yet flavourful desserts, and colour wise I like ‘Cafe Pouchkine‘ and ‘Acide Macaron‘, but those are just examples of many more I like, and each one for a different reason.

Your colour-coordinated shoe/dessert combos are striking, so I’ve got to ask — how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Haha thank you, I do have many. I really like shoes (colourful ones) and I haven’t counted them yet but I’m always inspired to have many more.

You’re a chef patissier as well as a graphic designer. Are you passionate about one profession over the other?

Definitely, but I think for me, one cannot exist without the other. It’s that combination of understanding colour composition and much more that goes so well with flavours and ingredients. I love what graphic design does to my patisserie world, it makes me understand and question every step I take while creating a dessert or even taking a picture of one.

One word: Ananas! At @hugovictor_paris

A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

Ohh Lenôtre, this hipster vanilla strawberry macaron go well with my black plimsoles and I love it! A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

Nothing goes better than my pink lovelies while trying @maisonladuree religious mademoiselle in strawberry verbena flavours (and yeah, it has a hat)

A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

This is no ordinary brioche, this is a hazelnut gianduja brioche from gout de brioche by Guy Savoy, a store dedicated to brioches only! Only in Paris… A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

It’s not pride but it’s one gay eclair!

A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

This chocolate almond eclair is watching you! Another crazy eclair from @fauchon_paris eclair week. More to come soon! A photo posted by Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris) on

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