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Mismatched socks teach kids to embrace differences everywhere

If you think every sock company is the same, you haven’t met the gals from Pals. This sock company goes out of their way to make socks that don’t match, with a pretty cool message behind each pair that ‘it’s OK to be friends with someone different, someone who doesn’t look like you. In fact, it’s pretty awesome’.

Pals Socks aim to start a dialogue with kids about the world around them. The idea started when Hannah Lavon and Ashley Connors met in college at Syracuse.

‘We started making mismatched mittens with animals who were supposed to be predator and prey (Wolf vs. Sheep, Owl vs. Mouse…), so your hands could literally be nipping at each other while you’re out walking in cold weather’, Hannah tells us.

And when Anne Hathaway was spotted wearing the mittens a few times, the collection got hugely popular.

But then the two creators of Pals had a realization: ‘The world has enough conflict’, Hannah says. ‘There are all these stories in the news about violence, hate or misguided anger, do we really want to make a product that promotes conflict, even if it’s in a silly, playful way?’

So the two flipped the concept and decided to bring characters that were the polar opposites of one another, together as friends (take note, Israel and Palestine).

A pretty neat idea, right? Check out Pals Socks online and follow them on Facebook. And if you’re wondering — yes, they do have adult sizes!

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