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Quirky candles molded after actual human spines

Lovers of creepy gifts, your dreams have come true. We’ve just discovered a line of candles that are molded from real human vertebrae, and they’re called — what else, but Gravedigger’s Candles.

Each candle from this spooky line is created from beeswax and ‘handcrafted in the backwoods of Wisconsin by Cult of Weird’s resident mad taxidermist Rob Reysen‘. And if you’re wondering just how long it’ll take before these spines melt down into a pool of wax – it’s around 3 hours. Enough time to really creep out your closest family and friends in that homemade crypt.

If you want to ditch the traditional candles in favour of these, grab ’em on Etsy, here.

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Gravedigger's candles
Gravedigger's candles
Gravedigger's candles

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