A kangaroo is caught hopping the streets of New York City!

You see many bizarre things in New York City, but a kangaroo hopping down the street? Strange — very strange — but true!

On Saturday morning a runaway (err, hopaway) kangaroo was seen in the parking lot of an auto repair shop in the NYC borough of Staten Island.

When the shop owner Urim Osmani arrived for work that day, he said he saw the ‘roo from six metres away. At first he thought it might be a deer from a wildlife refuge nearby…

‘Then he stood up’, says Osmani. ‘I said, What’s a kangaroo doing on Staten Island?

As it turns out, the kangaroo, known as Buster, had hopped away from a fenced-in backyard 15 minutes earlier after a gate was left open.

As SBS reports, keeping a kangaroo in NYC is prohibited, but the owner is from Upstate New York (where it’s allowed) and was just visiting a friend for the day.


Staten Island police with Buster the kangaroo