What’s on our Christmas wish list? Rock Jaw’s brand new Alfa Genus V2 headphones

Hands up if you’ve shelled out a truckload of money to buy yourself a set of headphones only to have them not live up to expectations? Oh, if only we had a dollar for every time that happened! Well, we’ve just discovered Rock Jaw Audio and their brand new Alfa Genus V2 headphones are an excellent example of audio accessories done right (and without costing the Earth).

The Alfa Genus V2 headphones are a follow-up design from the highly successful (and multi-award winning) Alfa Genus headphones. The V2s now come in a lightweight aluminium casing with a durable, sleek finish that Rock Jaw is known for.

But as music lovers, what we really enjoy about using the Alfa Genus V2 headphones is the tuning filter system. You have complete control of three filters that provide clear, crisp sound, no matter the genre you’re rockin’ to. Want to give that classical music the opera house acoustics it deserves? Or give more attention to that rock hit’s powerful guitar solo? All you have to do is play with the colour-coded tuning filters to get the exact sound you want.

As for other premium bonuses, the Alfa Genus V2 headphones also come with a built-in mic for taking phone calls while listening to beats and a universal play/pause button. Oh, and the headphones come with memory foam tips so your ears will never get sore, even when wearing these for hours.

All Rock Jaw audio accessories are engineered and designed in the UK.

Check out the Alfa Genus V2 headphones here to get your very own set — they offer free worldwide shipping, too!

Alta Genuz V2
Alta Genuz V2
Alta Genuz V2
Alta Genuz V2

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