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Say death to flowers and grab a quirky gift box instead

While flowers are nice, they’re just nice. And if my fifth-grade teacher taught me anything, it’s that nice things aren’t particularly memorable. So if you want to get the perfect gift for a friend or family member, get it from Death to Flowers — just by the sound of the name you know these guys know how to make a gift extra special.

To put it simply, Death to Flowers sends gift boxes people want to receive. And it started out with a very quirky (albeit sad) tale: ‘Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess, who had moved into a flat after a difficult break-up with a frog. Surrounded by boxes, her doorbell rang. She let down her hair to let the visitor climb up and found a local genie bearing a bunch of flowers, sent by her Fairy Godmother.

‘Sadly this was not the happy ending it could have been, since the princess had lost her one vase in the move. The beautiful flowers were plonked in the sink, and then transferred to an IKEA measuring jug, where they languished until they died an inevitable death.

‘And lo, Death to Flowers was born’.

Death to Flowers currently offers six different boxes, from a Club Tropicana box to make a friend smile, to a luxury gift box for that special lady in your life. And for that Don Draper in your life, Death to Flowers has a ‘This Charming Man‘ box full of goodies he’ll love.

We love the idea of this quirky box company — and those who subscribe to Death to Flowers emails get a 10% discount, score! Check out Death to Flowers here to send your own.

Baby love box
Club Tropicana box
Heroes box
This Charming Man box
Tokyo Ghost Stories box

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