Featured Image for This STM MacBook Air bag is our new fave go-to laptop accessory

This STM MacBook Air bag is our new fave go-to laptop accessory

We’ve all had the issue of buying the latest MacBook Air only to have to use a strapless sleeve or an ugly bag to keep it safe and unblemished on our travels. The good news is that some laptop bag makers have heard our anguished cries and come up with a more stylish, lightweight and above all, perfectly-fitted-to-the-MacBook-Air-13-inch option!

Introducing STM bags and their latest offering: the Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve (a misnomer as it does have a lovely hand strap). This bag really delivers on portability and style, and despite its slimline design, you can actually pack a bunch of stuff in it alongside your actual laptop in its protective foam and plushly lined compartment.

A recent trip to Melbourne saw this bad boy having to store my laptop and its charger, iPhone, notebook, pen and mints.

Now, I’m obviously an Apple person (and this case will safely hold any form of Apple 13-inch laptops), but if you’re more into the notebook/ultrabook space, this case is designed to work with those as well.

The case comes in a couple of different colours, including a fairly impractical white and orange that I wouldn’t be allowed near (coffee stains, anyone?) But I think the pick of the bunch is the midnight sky design (pictured above), which is obviously the one I picked.

If this case isn’t really your style but you’re after a better way to protect your prized laptop/tablet/phone, check out STM bags for more options. They’ve got something for everybody.

STM Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve
STM Grace Deluxe Bag
STM Grace Deluxe Bag
STM Grace Deluxe Bag