Irish advertising agency gets taken over by quirky and surreal photographer, Kevin Goss-Ross

We love seeing companies thinking outside of the box and Thinkhouse has done exactly that! To produce Thinkhouse’s creative imagery, the company has made an annual platform for up-and-coming creatives to develop something unique and exciting, while also getting their talents noticed.

Thinkhouse’s debut collaboration (part of the Thinkhouse X Series) was with Kevin Goss-Ross, a Dublin-based photographer from South Africa with a knack for the surreal.

Goss-Ross took Thinkhouse to some varied and unusual places to create a ‘juxtaposition of the normal and the surreal – from iconic barbers and butchers of Dublin, to the lakes and deserts of South Africa’.

And to showcase Thinkhouse X Kevin Goss-Ross, the Dublin Thinkhouse office was transformed into a surreal pop-up exhibition space with custom-built rigs and lighting installed, for one night only. Since the launch, Goss-Ross has taken over Thinkhouse’s social media channels and has given insight into how each image was captured (and looking at these photographs, you’ll really want to know how they were captured!).

Check out Thinkhouse on Facebook and Instagram to see the awesome collaboration, and follow Kevin Goss-Ross for more stunning imagery.

Kevin Goss-Ross with Thinkhouse Ireland
Kevin Goss-Ross with Thinkhouse Ireland
Kevin Goss-Ross with Thinkhouse Ireland
Kevin Goss-Ross with Thinkhouse Ireland

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