This studio animates the stories you tell over an answering machine

If you have a wonderful story in your head that you think deserves the world’s attention, you might want to call the Animation Hotline. Presented by Dusty Studios, the Animation Hotline is an open telephone number that anybody can call to leave a voicemail message, and messages are then selected to animate using the voicemail as audio. 

Around three messages a week are released as animations, usually accompanied by hand-drawn soft pastel animation on chalkboard slates, and the topics of each short vary widely.

Selections of the Animation Hotline series have been shown in festivals worldwide including Sundance and Cannes, but Animation Hotline is hoping to expand their audience to a greater public so they can share their callers’ stories with more viewers and receive more voicemail calls.

Got your own story you want the Animation Hotline to consider? Dial 212-683-2490 if you’re in the States, or if you’re in Australia: 1800-636-642.

Animation Hotline
Animation Hotline

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