Beware! This normal looking home is actually Australia’s most haunted house

If nobody told you the Monte Cristo Homestead featured Australia’s most haunted house, you’d probably think this plot of land was just another beautiful farm along the highway in Junee. But they don’t call this Australia’s most haunted house for nothing.

Lots of things have taken place here over the years (a pregnant maid pushed down the stairs, a stable boy burned to death) and these horrific tales live on in the haunted halls of Monte Cristo. The original owners of the house, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley, are believed to still haunt the house, as current owner Olive Ryan explains.

‘I’ve had a hand on my shoulder’, Ms Ryan told The Project.

‘I’ve had my name called when I’ve been here by myself. It’s nothing to hear footsteps on the balcony and you go out and there’s no one there’.

Visitors have been known to see visions of the maids, feel the presence of Ms. Crawley and white shadowy figures appearing in photographs. Yikes!

The homestead runs ghost tours every Saturday and even accommodates visitors overnight – if you dare. Like to be scared out of your mind? Check out Monte Cristo Homestead here.

Via The DailyMail

Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo homestead, haunted house
Monte Cristo homestead, haunted house
Monte Cristo homestead, haunted house

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