Meet the cutest crossing guard in the world, a maltipoo named Patches

After a well-earned break, Patches the maltipoo went back to his job this week as a crossing guard. Patches’ human Bradley Davis, is a retired contractor who spends his mornings and afternoons helping direct traffic in the Pennsylvania town of Jersey Shore, and Patches is always by his side.

The five-year-old pooch even has his own reflective crossing guard jacket and a stop sign above his head so kids always know when to wait for traffic on the curb.

Davis says he’ll bring Patches with him to work until the winter weather hits: ‘He’s got a lot of inner-discipline, and he enjoys keeping busy and making people happy, but he hates the cold’, Savis says. ‘He won’t go out in the cold. He won’t do that. In the winter time, he only sit on the heated seats in my car’. What a pampered pooch!

Via Laughing Squid

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