Featured Image for This amusement park used to be Pablo Escobar’s private estate

This amusement park used to be Pablo Escobar’s private estate

Have you always wanted to go to a theme park that’s located on a past drug lord’s estate? Well you’re in luck! Pablo Escobar may not be with us anymore, but his incredible estate in Puerto Triunfo is, in the form of Parque Tematico Hacienda Napoles (Hacienda Napoles Theme Park).

First you’ve got to know the history behind this awesome theme park. Back when Escobar was the world’s most influential drug lord, he built Hacienda Napoles. The ranch featured everything you could imagine – a luxurious mansion, horse stables, a collection of cars, a private airport, oh yeah, and a zoo.

After Escobar’s death, his family went into a legal fight with the Colombian government over the estate and the government won, leaving them to do what they wanted with Hacienda Napoles.

So what did they do? They turned this sprawling estate into a theme park! Look for dinosaur statues, wild animals and a picturesque waterpark all within the property. And don’t forget to take a picture of the small airplane hanging over the entrance – this is a replica of Escobar’s first plane that carried the first shipment of cocaine to the U.S. The kids will love the history behind that one!

See the amusement park for yourself here.

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Elephants at Hacienda Napoles
Water park at Hacienda Napoles
Water park at Hacienda Napoles
A hippo statue at Hacienda Napoles in Colombia
Escobar's dilapidated mansion
The entrance to Hacienda Napoles

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