Expelliarmus! Harry Potter lipsticks are now a thing

It is finally coming true, wizards and muggles. A collection of liquid lipsticks has just arrived from LA Splash and they’re named after Harry Potter characters and Hogwarts houses.

While the Harry Potter franchise might not have something to do with these cosmetics, there’s still something special about donning a bright lippy and having someone ask you what shade it is and you answering, ‘Oh, it’s Raven Claw’. Need instant cool points? These lippies are guaranteed to do that. Though I’m still not buying that dark green Nagini shade. That might have to be saved for Halloween time.

True life: I’m addicted to liquid-to-matte lipsticks and Harry Potter is everything, so when I came across these LASplash Cosmetics beauts for $12/pop my heart exploded. These babies are pigmented and invincible, name inspired from my all-time favorite series, and such a steal. (Also, what kind of die-hard fan would I be if I hadn’t indulged…siriusly ?⚡️).

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Felt very Wednesday Addams today. Love my LA Splash lips in Ravenclaw. Super waterproof and long lasting!! ??? #lasplash #smittenlip #ravenclaw

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The CRAZIEST lip color I own ???? @lasplashcosmetics lip in “Alastor” discount code is “AFFILIATE-B8RM8V” for money off all LA Splash orders ? #makeupbydg #lasplashcosmetics

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New #lasplash severus #smittenliptint I love the #harrypotter names omg

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