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This is the Star Wars theme park everyone is hoping for

You’ve probably heard by now that Disney has plans of building two Star Wars theme parks. Not much else is known about the parks, but if they look anything close to artist Kevin Lynch’s concept art, it’s truly going to be the happiest place on Earth – or the entire galaxy, for that matter.

Lynch’s conceptual map features the different worlds in the Star Wars universe, each having unique rides and themed shops. For instance, there’s Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and Coruscant. In the middle of it all is the Death Star, all in one piece and preferably not destroying planets.

Notable attractions include the At At Attack Rollercoaster, the Wookie Swing, Wicket’s Musical Stage Show, The Cantina Band LIVE, and the adrenaline-pumping Senate debating chamber.

While this vision of a Star Wars theme park would get any fan lining up for x number of hours, the reality is that the actual one would most likely be smaller with Disney’s planned 14 acres. It would also probably be not named ‘Lucasworld’. Thank goodness.

You can head over here to see the full image.

This is the Star Wars them park everyone is hoping for