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*Hic!* Japanese whisky gets sent to space station

Whisky, of all things, is going boldly where no booze has been before: outer space. And of all people, the Japanese had to do it. But before you coil in horror (or joy?) at the idea of drunk astronauts stumbling in mid-air, it’s anything but.

Japanese brewing and distilling company Suntory – best known for its Yamazaki Whisky – will be launching samples of its booze from JAXA’s Tanegashima Space Center to the Japanese Experiment Module aboard the International Space Station this Aug 16. Why? In the name of science, of course. Space experiments will be conducted on the booze ‘to verify the effect of the convection-free state created by a microgravity environment to the mellowing of alcoholic beverage’ and ‘find a scientific explanation for the “mechanism that makes alcohol mellow”’. In other words, read: All that booze will be aged in space. Oh, don’t we all love science.


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