Featured Image for Brush up on your sewing skills at this fashion-obsessed Parisian cafe

Brush up on your sewing skills at this fashion-obsessed Parisian cafe

If you’re not into sewing, the concept is definitely bizarre: a cafe in the heart of Paris chockablock full of sewing machines. Ok, if you are into sewing, it’s still kind of strange, but Sweat Shop is one of those cutesy little cafes in Paris you just have to see, at least once. Maybe twice if you want to fix that zipper.

This cafe was opened by Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis after their friends wouldn’t quit asking to borrow their sewing machines! The idea is that you not only come to this cafe to sip espresso but you come to use a sewing machine, too. It works much like an Internet cafe does, with sewing machines priced by the hour (six euros) or by ten hours if you want to start from scratch.

Workshops are also held throughout the week so you can perfect those Singer skills while making new friends. Sounds like Sweat Shop is the place to go while visiting Paris (though I still feel weird by the name of it!), especially if you’ve always wanted to make your own outfits.

Sweat Shop
Sweat Shop, Paris
Paris Sweat Shop

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