Featured Image for This website will give you every excuse under the sun not to go into work

This website will give you every excuse under the sun not to go into work

While some of us are blessed to have a flexible telecommuting policy at work, we still have to inform the boss when we’ll be working from home and have to come up with a pretty good excuse as to why we can’t make it to the office. After a while, ‘expecting an important package delivery’ or ‘my kid’s sick’ become pretty repetitive, so a bunch of geniuses came up with a website that generates excuses for you.

The website is called WFH Ninja (Working from Home Ninja) and it will generate all the weirdest and wackiest reasons why you can’t make it to the office.

Christina Ng is behind this incredible site, and came up with the idea when she and her roommates were playing a game one night and didn’t want to go to bed.

‘We started coming up with reasons why we should “work from home” the next day’, she writes. ‘That would mean we could go to bed later and wake up later. As we brainstormed for reasons, we discussed the best excuses given by our coworkers, and quantified the likelihood of success. Hence, the idea of WFH.ninja was born’.

The site has a lot of great excuses but the best one? ‘I can’t come into the office today… I’m giving birth’.

Check out WFH Ninja here.

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Coffee machine broken excuse
Dog ear infection excuse
Police investigation excuse
Roommate locked me in

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