Awesome mural is created in Melbourne with just acrylic paint and a brush

Melbourne artist Shawn Lu has created his most recent mural, The Biker, outside of the Juddy Roller studios in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The Biker was completed over three days using household acrylic paint and a simple brush, which allowed for the level of detail indicative of Shawn’s drawing style. The Biker resonates the feeling of wanting to escape to nowhere in particular, and having gotten there enjoying a quiet reflective moment.

The video (below) gives an insight into the artist’s process and development of the mural, beginning with his sketch and concluding with a time-lapse of the mural being completed. Shawn is an artist who creates scenes inspired by modern folklore and urban legend. Practicing mainly as an illustrator, his detailed pen and ink drawings are reminiscent of etchings by Gustave Dore. He works out of the Juddy Roller Studios in Melbourne.

To see more of Shawn’s work, go to his website or find him on Instagram.