A beautifully haunting collaboration between humpback whales and humans

While listening to your favourite beats is enjoyable, trying to work and concentrate at the same with those beats is pretty much impossible. In fact it’s so impossible that for a while I had to work in complete silence to get anything done. Until I found one of the most underrated musical collaborations in the history of ever: Pod Tune.

This collaboration brings human ambient composers together with the gentle giants of the sea – humpback whales. The mission of Pod Tune is to connect audiences to mythic undersea realms and to also channel funds to support ocean vitality – two pretty great reasons to take a listen, if you ask me.

Humans on the album include electronic musician Eric Holm, percussionist Greg Ellis, composer Jacob Kirkegaard, and experimental musician Li Daiguo. While the whalesong portion of the music on Pod Tune comes from great whale researchers such as David Rothenberg, Kent Noonan, and Paul Knapp.

Producer Harold Linde says of the Pod Tune project: ‘In an era when we are sending private rockets to the International Space Station and landing probes on passing comets, POD TUNE serves as a gentle reminder that within Earth’s vast and unexplored oceans, there live enormously intelligent beings who are just waiting for us to engage them in conversation’.

Net proceeds from the sale of the Pod Tune album will go to whale and ocean championing organizations, including Blue Mind Project and Ocean Alliance.

Check out Pod Tune here.

Humpback whale breaching
Pod Tune album cover

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