Featured Image for These awesomely geeky photos explain why you need to go to next year’s Comic Con

These awesomely geeky photos explain why you need to go to next year’s Comic Con

Every year San Diego comes alive with pop culture heroes at Comic Con, with the most diehard fans dressing up to steal the limelight. If these photos are anything to go by, this annual festival is just getting bigger and better every single year.

Halloween has got nothing on these guys! This truly is the best place to be to let your nerdy hair down and rock your favourite characters. Everyone from Poison Ivy to Hercules and even ‘Chewie’s Angels’ were on the scene to celebrate their favourite comic books, movies, TV shows, and games.

If this doesn’t make you want to get into cosplay, what will?

Via Business Insider

Darth Vader princess at Comic-Con
Princess Leia
Jurassic World cosplay at Comic-Con
Suicide Squad cosplay
Nux from Mad Max
Mad Max cosplay
Frozen cosplay at Comic-Con
Batman and the Joker at Comic-Con San Diego
Three women pose for the camera at Comic-Con San Diego
Galacticus at Comic-Con San Diego
Jared Leto's Joker cosplay

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