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Twinkle Tush will hide your cat’s imposing butt from houseguests

Mother Nature played a trick on us when she created cats. They look oh-so adorable from the front, but walking away, things get awkward. Nobody likes a cat butt hole making eye contact with them. So do yourself (and your houseguests) a favour – pick up a Twinkle Tush.

Yes, it’s real and yes, it’s very much needed in any home with cats! Twinkle Tush will save all those embarrassing moments when your cat walks away. No more butt holes looking at you as your cat wanders through the home. Instead, this blinged-out accessory will disguise the cat butt with a glistening jewel.

If you suffer from seeing your cat’s butt paraded around the home on a daily basis, you should definitely get a Twinkle Tush. Cat Crib are selling these (gag) gifts for $6 a pop!

Via Bored Panda

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