Little pinkish octopus might get named ‘Adorabilis’ because it’s so adorable

Researchers in California are currently studying a species of tiny octopus that can only be found in the deep waters of the Pacific. Not much else is known about these guys, except maybe one thing: they’re so cute!

In fact, Stephanie Bush, the researcher in charge of describing and naming the new species said, ‘One of the thoughts I had was making it ‘Opisthoteuthis adorabilis’ because they are just—yeah, they’re really cute’.

If it looks familiar, that’s because this new species is related to Pearl, the flapjack octopus in Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’. They too get around the ocean floor by flapping the webbing between their tentacles. They’re also characterized by their pinkish hue (which it uses for camouflage) and little fins that are often mistaken for ears.

According to Bush, one of the few specimens at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute unexpectedly laid eggs. Though they may take one or two years to hatch, this opens up new opportunities to study their species and more importantly, see their even cuter babies!

Via Quartz

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