Kitten and owlet best friends just love taking naps together

At the Hukulou café in Osaka, Japan, a kitten and an owlet have become BFFs after they both found a shared passion: taking long naps.

The five-year-old owl, named Fuku, met her best friend Marimo, a two-month-old Scottish Fold, when the latter was brought home by the shop owners to serve as a playmate. The two have been inseparable ever since, always staying by each other’s side and curling up in one big furry, feathery ball during nap time. You can’t help but go ‘awww’ – or in their case, ‘kawaii’ – when you see these two unlikely buddies.

Though there are other owls residing in the café, it seems that Fuku and Marimo will be the main attraction for now, thanks to their sleepy antics. You can find out more about the Hukulou coffee shop over on their Facebook page.

Via Rocket News 24