Featured Image for Custom tattoos are so passé: get a custom t-shirt instead at Melbourne’s Das T-Shirt Automat

Custom tattoos are so passé: get a custom t-shirt instead at Melbourne’s Das T-Shirt Automat

You want to personalise your style but going with a tattoo is just a little bit too permanent. There’s a solution: Melbourne’s Das T-Shirt Automat. This is where you come when you want to be unique. When you want fashion that’s not in the stores. You see, Das T-Shirt Automat prints t-shirts from your drawings or digital files.

They’ll take a tee or a hoodie, or even ceramic tiles and print them with your designs within minutes – four minutes to be exact when they’re working with pre-prepared files.

You can’t miss the locations either. Both walk-up automat booths in Fitzroy and Prahran are decked out in a bold red and white striped combo that’ll get your attention as you’re cruising down the street.

The beauty of coming here over any other printing place is that the guys at Das T-Shirt Automat know their stuff. They’re schooled in design (and t-shirts) and even have pre-drawn designs ready for printing if you really can’t decide what you want.

And even if you can’t make it down to the automat, you can send the design folks your designs and they’ll help you decide what kind of product you want made with your very best art on the front.

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Das T-Shirt Automat
Das T-Shirt Automat
Das T-Shirt Automat