Featured Image for An insider’s guide to the BEST food and wine in Queensland this winter

An insider’s guide to the BEST food and wine in Queensland this winter

Never underestimate the food and wine scene of Queensland, especially during the winter. This sunny Paradise is jam-packed full of smart and sophisticated venues serving up tasty food and wine that any foodie will want to know about.

If you’re in the Brisbane CBD, you should definitely check out Malt. This cozy food and wine bar is located in one of Brisbane’s most well-known buildings – Wenley House – and boasts old world charm with its historic surroundings. This is the place to be seen in The Attic restaurant for an intimate candlelit dinner for two, or at the ten-metre solid Tassie oak bar discovering boutique wines of the country.

On the beach at Gold Coast? Ditch the quickie meals for a relaxing sit down at Elston. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Elston is a gem right on the Gold Coast with its a rustic and holistic menu that excites the senses. The most extraordinary time to come is during sunset, where you can watch the waves crash over this beachy paradise.

If you’re impressed by the sound of these two great good-food-and-wine locations, you should definitely check out Queensland’s Scenic Rim region for a foodie event that showcases all the fresh produce and goodies of the area: Eat Local Week.

This multi-day showcase takes place from June 27 to July 5 and encourages Queenslanders to experience fruits and veggies, wines, milk, and delicious gourmet products right across the Scenic Rim region of the state.

There are so many events going on at Eat Local Week, it’ll be hard to choose which ones you want to go to. During this time (which happens to fall in the school holidays!) you’ll be able to harvest your own carrots, learn how to cook with native Aussie ingredients, and even visit a robotic dairy. Each event is just an hour’s drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, too, which means you’ll never be too far away from a delicious event.

Also make sure to head out to the Winter Harvest Festival, Eat Local Week’s signature event. This is where food and wine is celebrated to the max, with fresh produce up for buying, alons with tasting plates and cooking demonstrations to take advantage of. There’s also an annual tractor pulling competition that you just can’t miss.

Queensland also plays host to a number of other foodie events you’ll find tantalizing throughout the winter, including Dalby’s Delicious & Delightful Festival and the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival. Both festivals are held in August and draw crowds from all over the state and country with their huge smorgasbord of local foods.

Whoever said Queensland was just about sun and surf? These incredible winter food events prove otherwise.

Eat Local Week's tractor pulling competition
Eat Local Week’s tractor pulling competition
Fine dining from Eat Local Week
Fine dining from Eat Local Week
Food and wine the Scenic Rim at Eat Local Week
Food and wine the Scenic Rim at Eat Local Week