These headphones allows you to create your own spectrum of sound

Regular headphones blast music into your ears any which way. Axel’s new Soundscapes headphones have been created to be totally customizable so that when you’re listening to your favourite beats, you get to choose how the sound comes out.

Soundscapes were just recently funded on Kickstarter and are designed with three options: Pure, Deep and Core, which all offer a unique listening experience. But that’s not where these cool headphones end – an accompanying app analyzes all of your music on Spotify and lets you know just which soundscape works best with each tune.

You can even customize the way your headphones look – from on-ear speaker units to over-ear headphones. Each pair of headphones arrives disassembled and gets put together by you with different headband inserts. Even if you didn’t support the Kickstarter, you can grab a pair of Soundscape headphones here.


Axel headphones Soundscapes
Axel headphones Soundscapes
Axel headphones Soundscapes

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