What do you think would happen if men had periods just like women?

A big deal, of course! Today, 1.25 billion women do not have access to safe and clean toilets during their periods. Millions in certain societies suffer from discriminations of being thought to be ‘impure’ or ‘dirty’ because of it. Even young girls stop going to school when they hit puberty due to a lack of hygiene facilities in such places.

To raise awareness for this important issue, Wateraid has created a somewhat hysterical video called ‘If men had periods’. It explores a parallel universe where guys are obviously not shamed by having them. Like any shaving product commercial that makes a real man out of you, ‘manpons’ would become a huge sign of supreme virility, #manponisit would trend on Twitter and male celebrities would have millions thrown at them to front product campaigns.

Via Daily Dot

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