Warning: Do not squeeze these orange balls placed beside the cashier when in Japan!

You may have wondered what these cute orange balls are about, sitting idly beside the cash register, as you wander inside a convenience store in Japan. Despite their deceptively innocent facade, they are actually anti-crime busters!

Filled with bright orange paint, they are thrown at culprits who try to rob or steal from a commercial outlet. When flung hard at your target, the ball will burst and release a torrent of orange paint, marking the criminal out for the police to identity, give chase and hopefully apprehend.

Staff are taught to aim near the culprit’s feet so that at least some paint will land on their bodies. If they are afraid that may just make them live the last day of their lives, they have the option of flinging the balls at the getaway car. At the very least, because it is common knowledge what these balls are used for, their very appearance is believed to deter and keep crime rates low.

As for their inspiration, the idea was borrowed from toll-booth attendants who threw eggs at vehicles that sped by without paying their tolls so that the traffic police could easily pick them up.

Via Oddity Central

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