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There are more ‘mermaids’ than residents in this town of Florida

With a name like Weeki Wachee, you’ll expect this town in Florida to boast of something unusual. And it does. The tiny, one-stoplight town has 28 ‘mermaids’ performing in its park’s submerged theatre three times a day, at 30 minutes each time. That’s 24 ‘mermaids’ more than the town’s four residents in 2013.

And yet, the show’s a splash of a hit, with more than 250,000 visitors going WOW! at the ‘mermaids’ display.

New ‘mermaids’ must first learn the team’s choreography on dry land before they graduate to flipping underwater. Breathing is solely dependent on a 64-foot-long tube that is connected to their locker room. When in the water, they are given impromptu instructions as well from a control room, based on the crowd’s reactions.


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