Featured Image for Yep, there really is a bar in Melbourne named after an eccentric 19th century brothel owner

Yep, there really is a bar in Melbourne named after an eccentric 19th century brothel owner

With a name like Madame Brussels, you might be mistaken for thinking this Melbourne bar was named after an aristocrat. But as a matter of fact, Madame Brussels is named after an eccentric brothel owner of the 19th century.

After her husband died and she had sent her daughter to a ‘respectable private school’ in Melbourne, Madame Brussels, better known as Mrs. Hodgson back then, opened up shop on Lonsdale Street to make her own money. And by ‘shop’ I mean brothel. Yep, this 28-year-old was business savvy and found a gap in the market to fill, so to speak.

In 1889, Madame Brussels’ fame was skyrocketing and she was well known throughout Melbourne for her brothels. In fact, she had ‘no less than eight of the brothels in the area’ during this time.

With business sense like that, why wouldn’t you name your bar after her?

Madame Brussels isn’t located in any of the old brothels owned by Hodgson but the old world charm of this era is certainly on display at this Bourke Street bar. This ‘rather fancy terrace and public house’ features an astro-turf lawn with gorgeous views of the Melbourne CBD.

Stop by after a day exploring Melbourne to order goodies like a Pimm’s cocktail and an old fashioned sandwich, or indulge in one of Madame Brussels’ garden parties, where you’ll be treated like a lady (or a gentleman!) and have signature drinks served up like only Madame Brussels knows how.

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Madame Brussel's
Madame Brussel's
Madame Brussel's
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