Featured Image for Melbourne’s smallest gallery is located outside Australia’s smallest bar!

Melbourne’s smallest gallery is located outside Australia’s smallest bar!

You might think that all art galleries are huge buildings full of empty space and a few pieces of art stuck on the walls. Not in Melbourne. This city’s smallest gallery is called Trink Tank and it’s located right outside Australia’s smallest bar, Bar Americano.

So just how small is this gallery? It’s so small not even a single person can fit inside. You see, Trink Tank is just a window gallery, sizing in at 20 by 30 centimetres. But don’t let size fool you. This is where some of the most creative identities in Melbourne come to showcase their work.

If that impresses you, read the gallery’s statement: ‘Acting as much as a space as a state of mind, Trink Tank is a way to gather thoughts and inspiration to provide creative solutions to a growing stable of world class venues while coincidently stepping into its own light via one off events, or drink installations, perhaps not an event so much as an experience, something we hope will in equal measure confront, confuse, inspire and delight … We have no rules, only ideas’.

And while you’re dosing up on creativity, you should probably stop in at Australia’s tiniest bar next door, Bar Americano. This teeny espresso and aperitif bar is located down an alley and offers standing room only for patrons who want to re-energize with some of Melbourne’s best coffee and cocktails.

You won’t find any fancy pants, over-the-top drinks here. Bar Americano is just as pure in its aesthetics as it is with its menu. So come here for classic drinks made in their purest form by some of Melbourne’s most skilled mixologists.

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Swamp Room
Swamp Room
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Bill's Bar in Melbourne
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