Film – and direct – your very own live music video with Evergig (and beat the crowds)

Montague and Capulet. Coke and Pepsi. Sony and Nintendo. Apple and Samsung. Whether you are a fan of Shakespeare, cola, computer games or gadgets, history is littered with two rivals battling it out for supremacy and bragging rights. When it comes to electronics, the battle between the two big dogs in smartphones has raged for years. Like a humble and workman-like Lionel Messi to a flashy, self-promoting Cristano Ronaldo, Samsung has been happy to climb to the top of the smartphone market without generating Apple-like levels of hype.

While Apple has historically had the ability to build considerable buzz with each new phone announcement, Samsung has consistently hovered along, developing new products to move with the market and suit the needs of consumers.

The latest in the long line of these advances – as reported by Techly in March – are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

As we said then, cutting edge just got cutting-er. While we reported that the device quickly established itself as a market leader, we also noted that it was a change of sorts for Samsung. The device aimed to establish Samsung as a style leader, with the sleek smooth glass-and-matte-metal body design a refreshing change from the phone’s “previously cheap look and feel”.

But, as my mother, teacher and bathroom mirror tell me, it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 edge full specs

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have plenty of power to go with the sleek design, allowing users the best smartphone tool yet to capture special moments, whatever they may be.

The S6 edge, in particular, Techly rate as probably the best phone to watch and record stuff with – and that is where Evergig comes in.

Techly wrote about Evergig back in November 2014, giving you the low down on a new phenomenon in live music – fan-shot footage, synced with the interwebs and turned into a film clip.

In short, with hundreds and thousands of concert goers filming the concert on their smartphones, it created the potential for the huge amount of footage to be edited into one clip which took the best angles from a myriad of possibilities.

With others coming to the party too, like, it has created new potential for enjoying and re-enjoying concerts – whether you were there or not. It is also a far cheaper way to enjoy your favourite band, and do so from the comfort of wherever.

By staying home and avoiding moshpits, there is now no need to get hot and sweaty at concerts again (unless watching your fave band gets you hot and sweaty, in which case you should probably stay home anyway).

The issue with fan-shot footage has always been quality – we all have that friend who wants us to relive his shaky, 120-minute Nickelback on his smartphone which looks terrible and sounds worse.

However, with advances in smartphone technology, fan shot footage can be good – so good in fact that it no longer looks fan shot. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge provide you with film clip quality technics – that you can carry in your pocket.

And while not looking too shabby either.

Galaxy S6 camera

Galaxy S6 camera

Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy S6 edge

A quick look at the Evergig website shows a who’s who of bands, with plenty to offer from each. There are 1,185,270 concert videos on the site – and counting.

There is also a running update list of who is doing the best adding and editing at any time, meaning you can connect with a community of amateur camera operators and directors – who suddenly aren’t looking so amateur.

Finally, it is a long time since mobile phones have been mobile phones. They are now cameras, computers, credit cards, cd collections and form the basis for a myriad of social connections. Evergig shows just another angle to this.