Featured Image for If you’re a live music fan, you should really know about SongKick

If you’re a live music fan, you should really know about SongKick

Ever walked past a music store, a telegraph pole or a bar and saw a poster that said your favourite band was playing? Did you take a look and then realise that the gig happened three weeks ago, on a night which you were totally free and bored? If you answered yes (I did), then I feel for you. But it shouldn’t happen again – now there is an app for that.


Get SongKick, and the above situation will never happen again. (No, it is not a time travelling app – Techly will keep you posted on that – but is the next best thing.)

SongKick, when loaded on your phone, checks the bands in your iTunes or other music library and cross references it with your location settings, automatically updating you on where all your favourite bands are playing.

No more scanning the gig guide. No more googling ‘Band X’, ‘tour’ and ‘Home Town X’. No more calling up Thom Yorke and asking him when he is bringing Radiohead back to Sydney’s Coogee Bay Hotel, or Lennies in Adelaide.

Just get the app and you will find out before the band does. It is that easy.

The app is also awesome for travel. With global coverage, SongKick has a database of just about every gig being played everywhere, meaning that you only need to use your location settings when you get off the train, plane or bus and see who will be playing wherever you are.

Don’t know what to do in your one night in Bangkok? In Vegas? In Paris? Don’t get yourself in internet strife on your romantic evening in the French capital by googling “One Night in Paris” like I did (I didn’t know that was what that video was called).

Instead, just turn on SongKick and you will immediately find out when and where your next gig is.

The app has an extensive database of concerts, with millions of listings, and thousands of venues across the world. SongKick’s creators employ software that crawls the web, collating every single gig taking place that night in every single place. They will also either sell you tickets themselves, or link you with somewhere you can buy a ticket from – no matter what size the venue is.

Seriously, somehow they manage to know about almost every gig at every venue. Tell your mate you are making your acoustic debut at 3am in a closed cafe in suburban Broken Hill and SongKick will know about it. Your girlfriend – along with the venue owners – might not, but SongKick will.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a story that happened to a friend of a friend of mine (it actually happened to me, so please do take my word for it).

When I was in Amsterdam last year, I quickly checked the app to see what was going down in the ‘Dam. Within a few seconds SongKick told me that French band M83 were playing in the city centre at 8pm. Awesome. Now, they were also sold out. But that’s more due to my planning ability. And scalpers were doing their best to get me inside too – someone’s always selling a ticket it seems.

The app has won a bunch of accolades and continually makes lists of the best apps going around. Even if you are not traveling, the app is a great way to see just who is playing when – cutting through the thousands of other bands and acts that litter the gig guides to get to the ones you want.

There you have it. SongKick is the only gig guide you will ever need.

Screenshot of Songkick in action
Songkick in action on a cell phone