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Biggest run-on sentence ever? This man wrote a 52,438-word dissertation without punctuation

If professors are always on your back about run-on sentences, just let them know you’re not the only culprit. Patrick Stewart wrote his entire 149-page dissertation without a single full stop or comma.

But this wacky stunt performed on Stewart’s ‘Indigenous Architecture through Indigenous Knowledge’ dissertation was all done for a reason. It was designed to raise awareness about the ‘blind acceptance of English language conventions in academia’ and to also make a statement about Aboriginal culture and colonialism.

‘I like to say that it’s one long, run-on sentence, from cover to cover’, Stewart told the National Post. ‘There’s nothing in the (UBC dissertation) rules about formats or punctuation’.

Here’s just a taste of his no-grammer-no-punctuation paper:

‘in my defense     my style of writing is not laziness or lack of knowledge of proper usage of the english language     it is a form of grammatical resistance as a deconstructionist     in the manner of many writers     especially american poet ee cummings     he graduated with a master degree in english from harvard university and they called him experimental and innovative     not words likely to be used to describe an indigenous writer who breaks all the rules of writing (the behavioural ethics board at the university of british columbia suggested that i hire an editor as it appeared that i did not know the english language)     times though     they are changing’

Stewart actually wrote the first draft of his paper in the Nisga’a language. That work was not accepted. So he was asked to translate every word into English. This guy really knows how to work the system, and kudos to him for sticking it to them!

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