Only in Melbourne would they turn an unused car park into an edible gardening club

If you’ve laughed at the thought of gardening while living in a big city, Popup Patch proves it can be done, and collectively, too! Using the roof of an unused car park behind Federation Square, a handful of Melburnians got together to create a popup vegetable garden smack bang in the heart of the city, where everyone can enjoy getting their hands dirty while harvesting their very own produce.

Here, more than 140 veggie crates have been installed by Popup Patch (PUP) members who garden for themselves, their own business, or even local restaurants. Yup, that’s right, some of your favourite restaurant’s could harvest their veggies at this very location!

Popup Patch has a cool membership plan for urban gardeners, which gives them the opportunity to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables in the CBD. But more than that, Popup Patch is also a place to escape the hustle and bustle and to relax and unwind in an eco environment.

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s the beauty of Popup Patch. They don’t just give you a few seeds and send you on your way. This place is all about educating us on how to grow, harvest and prepare foods in hands-on workshops for both adults and kids.

During the summer PUP members are treated to fun nights of movies and table tennis, and when it’s a little more chilly, expect delicious soups served up from the veggies in the garden.

Who says you can’t have your own little patch of paradise while living in the city? Not Popup Patch, that’s for sure!

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And here’s a few more exciting places around Melbourne to grow your own veggies:

Rushall Garden
Rushall Garden

This community garden in North Fitzroy is open to the community and allows you to grow your own produce on a small block of land. Their open days see people lining up to buy delicious fruits and veggies, as well as homemade cakes and jams.

Cultivating Community
Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community is dedicated to educating the community through food gardening. The team has recently developed a new gardening project for public housing communities which provides residents with a place to grow and harvest produce.

Melbourne Uni Community Garden
Melbourne Uni Garden

Located in the middle of the Melbourne Uni Parkville Campus, this community garden is run by ex-students and locals who have fun growing and harvesting produce, and of course, eating them when ready!

Abbotsford Convent

Even if you don’t have the time to grow your own veggies, the Slow Food Farmers’ Market at Abbotsford Convent makes it easy to eat healthy. Here you’ll find produce from more than 60 growers and makers, and to keep it environmentally friendly, the market is plastic bag free, so BYO your own basket or bags.

Popup Patch in Melbourne
Popup Patch in Melbourne
A woman gardens at the Popup Patch in Melbourne
Popup Patch in Melbourne
The front of the A woman gardens at the Popup Patch in Melbourne