Featured Image for Want to see the best street art in Australia? Just venture down Hosier Lane in Melbourne

Want to see the best street art in Australia? Just venture down Hosier Lane in Melbourne

If you’re looking to set your eyes on some serious street art – street art where some of the world’s best artists come to play – you don’t have to travel to New York or Buenos Aires. Some of the very best street art is right in Melbourne’s backyard. And by backyard I mean smack bang in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Welcome to Hosier Lane, a cobbled stone laneway just off Flinders Street, where art overtakes everything.

This is much more than a place to tag. Hosier Lane is actually a well-recognised landmark of the city, and in The Age writer Chris Johnston’s words, is a ‘postmodern confluence of art forms’. That’s big fancy words for serious art.

Expect to spend a few hours wandering up and down the laneway on any given visit. You’ll find the work of iconic artists Sophia Argiriou, Adnate, Ha-Ha, Psalm, and Vexta, all competing for your attention with their extravagant murals and colourful sculpture work lining the alleyway.

But here’s the best part: the art is continuously changing at Hosier Lane. There’s a beautiful life cycle that comes with street art – one artist will create a masterpiece, and after it has been admired and critiqued, another piece will appear in its place. So you can visit Hosier Lane one week, come back another week, and you’ll have an entirely different experience.

And if you’re really lucky, you’ll see some of Australia’s best street artists creating those vibrant masterpieces right before your eyes.

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But that’s not the only place to get your Melbourne street art fix. Check out these other inner-city locations for more:

Caledonian Lane
Caledonian Lane

Running between Little Bourke Street and Lonsdale Street in the CBD, you’ll find this mini street art haven in the most unsuspecting location. Mosey on past the delivery trucks and dumpsters for an incredible look at some of the best stenciling and free-hand street art in the city.

Union Lane
Union Lane

Take a detour before you hit the stores at Bourke Street Mall for this jam-packed ground-to-sky street art extravaganza. The art of Union Lane was originally created by 50 young artists and takes up 550 square metres of space that’s hard to look away from.

AC/DC Lane

You can’t take a trip to Melbourne’s CBD without stopping by AC/DC Lane. Come here to pay tribute to your favourite Aussie band (AC/DC, of course) and to soak up the raw and gritty atmosphere of 70’s rock ‘n roll.

Croft Alley
Croft Alley

In the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown, Croft Alley offers a paradise of colour, and of course, major talent. You’ll want to spend a while here – with a camera – to take in all the murals that are stacked together like an enormous jigsaw puzzle.

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