Wow! This stunning high-rise hydroponic farm has been designed for big cities across the globe

To make Earth a greener place, Aprilli Design Studio got its designers together to create an incredible ecological system known as the Urban Skyfarm. This is not your average eco-friendly building. It’s so much more. For starters, the Urban Skyfarm is not just a stagnant high rise, but rather a ‘living machine’ that filters water and air, provides vegetables and herbs for the community, and produces renewable energy.

There are four major components to the Urban Skyfarm: the root, trunk, branch, and leaves. The root section provides space for a market or public activities. The trunk can be used as a community garden space for residents. The trunk is also divided into eight individual branches (the leaf portions), which each support farming decks which are suspended from each branch by trusses and tension cables. These farming decks are spread out to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, listen to this: the high rise farming system plans to operate on renewable solar and wind energy alone. Meaning, it can operate without harming the environment at all.

Architects at Aprilli Design Studio think we should embrace the concept of large-scale vertical farming in urban landscapes, seeing as the world’s population is constantly rising. This 144,000-square-metre tower looks like an excellent way to bring back balance to the community.

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Skyfarm 3
Skyfarm 4
Skyfarm 5
Skyfarm 6

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