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10 wonderfully quirky hotels that will make you want to travel … now!

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You’ve saved up those pennies and now it’s time to go travelling. But you don’t want to stay in any ordinary hotel on your adventures; you want to stay somewhere unforgettable. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a round-up of ten wonderfully quirky hotels that’ll definitely make you want to book a trip to see the world. Pronto.

1: Plus Berlin Hotel
Plus Berlin Hotel
The Plus Berlin Hotel is a laidback hostel in the centre of Berlin and is far from the traditional accommodations you’d find on a budget. For starters, this place comes with an indoor swimming pool and sauna, and even has an on-site restaurant that serves up a big breakfast. But what sets this place apart from all the others in Berlin is that Plus Berlin Hotel has a private garden for travellers, complete with resident bunnies!

2: The Venetian
The Venetian
If it’s luxury you’re after, you should head to The Venetian on Las Vegas’ strip. You’ll find all the common Vegas highlights here: opulent suites, celebrity chef restaurants and Vegas shows on-site. But here’s something extra quirky: a canal runs through the hotel. Just like in Venice, this massive resort features authentic Venetian gondolas that float beneath bridges and beside cafes, all under painted blue skies.

3: Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
Atlantis The Palm is where you go when you want to get away from it all and indulge in a night or two of pure extravagance. This incredible hotel overlooks the waters between the central fronds and crescent of The Palm Jumeirah. Atlantic The Palm offers more than just accommodation, too. Stay here and you can go on a shark safari which takes you underwater and face-to-face with all kinds of sharks, rays and colourful fish.

4: North Forty Resort
North Forty
If you’re looking to escape the city, head out to Montana and book a few nights at North Forty Resort. You’ll be as secluded as you can be in this hangout where only 22 private log cabins are located. The resort is on 44 acres of forested land, just minutes from Glacier National Park where you can access over 700 miles of hiking trails.

5: Vogafjós Guesthouse
Vogafjós Guesthouse
You might not be able to pronounce Vogafjós Guesthouse but that won’t matter when you see where this Icelandic guesthouse is located. Drive just a short while from this place and you’ll soon be at the foot of a very active site: Krafla Volcano. This is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes and will certainly be good Instagram fodder for your followers. The guesthouse also offers guests the opportunity to watch cows being milked in the morning (and the opportunity to drink the milk, also!).

6: The Liberty
Liberty Hotel, Boston
Boston is full of wonderful hotels but The Liberty takes the cake for the quirkiest and most historic. Centred right by Charles River, The Liberty is actually an ex prison and had a very famous inmate at one point: human rights activist Malcolm X. Of course the place has undergone major renovation since then and boasts huge rooms with some of the best views of the city.

7: Lamantin Beach Resort and Spa
Lamantin Beach Resort and Spa
Travel to Senegal and stay at this luxurious hideaway where you can learn to cook authentic African food. The Lamantin Beach Resort and Spa offers a once-in-a-lifetime holiday where guests are treated to exhibitions of African arts and crafts, live jazz, dinner shows, and courses in African cuisine so you can go home showing off your superior cooking skills to friends and family. Why would you ever want to leave the resort?!

8: The Narutis Hotel
The Narutis Hotel
Travel to Lithuania and spend a night in one of the world’s oldest hotels. The Narutis Hotel was built in the 16th century and was first mentioned in the Book of World Cities back in 1581 as a place for an overnight stay. As well as staying in a piece of history, you can even dine in it. The gothic cellars now house an on-site restaurant that’ll give you the chills they’re so extraordinary.

9: Mt. Maculot View Resort
Mt Maculot View and Resort
Go green and head to the Philippines to hangout in one of the most lushest places on earth. Spend a night at Mt. Maculot View Resort and live like a local barbecuing in a private on-site cottage, hanging poolside with drinks or enjoying a spa day without a care. This all-green resort even has a hanging bridge to cross over while you’re going about your business.

10: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Keio Plaza Tokyo
Experience Tokyo and all it has to offer then make sure to bunk down in one of the city’s most extravagant hotels. The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is more than just a regular hotel. This mammoth place in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district boasts a whopping 1,450 guest suites and 40 on-site restaurants. Yes, four-zero. Whether you’re in the mood for French or Italian, or maybe even a quick bite with a side of karaoke, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will satisfy every single craving.

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