Designer deconstructs a bicycle then lets a 3D printer put it back together again

Inspired by the bicycle freewheel, the wheel on this 3D-printed piece moves ‘forward’ when the hand crank is turned ‘forward’ and the wheel continues to rotate when the hand crank stops. Although it may seem simple, developing a design to print all of the moving parts in place proved to be a technical challenge.

There are a lot of designs for bicycle parts available for the 3D printer. However, most of these designs require parts to be printed individually and then assembled by hand. This legacy process is a carryover from traditional manufacturing and does not utilize the full potential of 3D printers.

I believe that we are in the early stages of moving towards a world where custom products can be manufactured by 3D printing all components in place without any assembly needed. As the technology advances, the costs will come down and the quality will improve – making these products more accessible to the general public. This project is a essentially a “low resolution” preview of designs to come in the near future.

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3D printed bike
3D printed bike
3D printed bike
3D printed