Grab a texting hat if you keep losing eye contact due to obsessive texting

We’ve become a world obsessed with technology. We’re constantly glued to our phones and we think nothing of interrupting a meal with friends (or a movie!) to reply to a text. And everyone knows you can’t stop at one text, so there’s a new product available for the tech-obsessed: the Texting Hat.

The Texting Hat is simple – it’s basically your printed face stuck onto a cap. So whenever your face is directed down at your phone, your company is graced with your smiling face and eye contact is kept. The people behind this funny DIY project said they ‘designed’ the hat after they became ‘nostalgic for the days of yore when we could see people’s faces in places like coffee shops, walking on the street, waiting for the bus, at reception desks, or even standing right in front of us in conversation’.

In a world of multitaskers, the Texting Hat might actually take off. I’m off to make mine!

Via The Poke

Guy with texting hat on
Texting hat
Texting hat funny
Texting hat guy

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