This owl in the Netherlands loves to land on people’s heads

There’s an owl in the Netherlands who doesn’t like to land anywhere else but on top of people’s heads. It’s either your dream come true or your worst nightmare (if you check out the size of those talons).

It’s taking place in the town of Noordeinde, and ‘anyone walking through the greenery within the town’ is likely to become a little too familiar with this owl. Photographer Menno Shaefer visited the town to take pictures and had this to say about the experience: ‘I had heard a lot about the owl and decided to visit the site to see it in action for myself. It was a very funny thing to watch, however I’m just as confused as anyone as to why it does this.’

You know why it does this? I can tell you. It’s to scare the bleep out of you, that’s why. It’s owl trolling at its finest.

Via The Daily Mail

Owl on heads

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